This space is an art project in itself. A dedication to beauty and function, channeling inspirations of art & food. You will find themes of dichotomy, the elements, nature, human ingenuity... But the drive behind everything here is authenticity and intuitive, intentional, creative flow.

steward of the space



I have been honored as the lead hand in renovating the space to where it is today. Much of my life as been dedicated to developing myself as an artist, and I have been a professional graphic designer for the past 12 year. This space is now my 'portfolio', and workplace, and environment of service. Through my experience here this has proven to be a space of creative renaissance, and now it is my main role to open that inspiration up to other 'life artists'.

While I have perhaps been more formal in my trade in the graphic arts, I have just as long cultivated a path of pursuit, education, training and experience in culinary arts and healthy living. With this, in this space my primary offerings to the community are simply presented, art & food.