At 277 Keawe Street in the heart of beloved downtown Hilo lies a mysterious space with frosted windows and vague iconography & words in vinyl decals on the storefront. Many people like to use the reflective privacy glass panels on either side of the door and on the large, corner-most window as mirrors to fix their hair, or check themselves out as they proceed on their telephone conversation. Lots of children are drawn to touch the symbol of a hand that adorns the opaque main entry door.

Relatively few are yet aware, but this space has much more life than it may seem, and actually significantly more than the average space in general. What once was rumored to become a new café, or perhaps an art studio – and still fields whispers of curiosity to those ends – has actually become quite an established atmosphere inside its walls, despite it's air of ambiguity.

What has gone by several names, most recently simply, "the space", is facing another reoccurrence of transformation. Those that have been privy to it's odd event here and there, or have been in the exclusive roster of those who are familiar with its proprietor Ryan Lewis have perhaps picked up on the sneaking sensation that what some justifiably doubt as a local business venture actually seems to have a large degree of promise.

Welcome to the space at 277 Keawe Street. We appreciate your interest in what is being created here, and give thanks for your faith, that what is destined to be offered as the potential of this spatial entity blooms is indeed worth being open to, and following along with. Look out for events, as they come. We guarantee all of it will be special.

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