Games & Music | Rummy, Telestrations
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Games & Music | Rummy, Telestrations

Another game party just like the good ol' days.

Well, maybe not exactly, but speaking of good ol' days, we're hoping some of y'all will be keen to show out with some music making on our house instruments or some of your own. Be it as it may, we'll surely have some good tunes to add to the the atmosphere.

We're going to do our best to hone the gaming atmosphere, and be intentional about introducing a select few.

Rummy 500

For this one, we'll be holding a Rummy circle (2–5+ players) and quickly schooling anyone that needs to be brought up to speed. 


One of our favorites for parties, Telestrations is a game somewhere between Pictionary and the Telephone game, where everyone has their own dry erase pad, and players pass them around alternating between drawing and guessing each attributed word or term.


Most typically a one-on-one board game, Quoridor assigns each player with one moving piece to get across a checkered board, but also interestingly attributes them with walls that they can use to make the task more of a maze.

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