Plant Food Prep Course | Savory Snacks


Plant Food Prep Course | Savory Snacks


An interactive food workshop where we will explore the creation of 4 wholesome if delectable snacks easily made at home using pure plant foods.

This class will teach the following dishes:

  • sprouted nuts
  • kale chips
  • flax crackers
  • popcorn

A specific version will be offered for each item, but allowance will be given for customized flavorings. With that, we will be discussing ingredient combining to get the best results with presence and flavor of our dishes.

We will also present options for creating each snack raw and cooked (except popcorn).

Attendees will get to sample pre-made versions of each dish. Creations prepared by you in-class can be later picked up after if you would like the host to finish them for you.

You will be offered a complimentary glass of Big Island Booch kombucha during the class. Free water & tea will be available as well.  

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This is Ryan, and I will be leading this workshop. I have been pursuing culinary arts in vegan and raw cuisine for the past 12 years. I have worked in commercial kitchens with professional chefs, and have offered recipes and instruction in food preparation professionally along with my career in arts & design. I also authored the e-cookbook, Homestyle Vegan


I stand by what I offer. If after our initial exchange you feel there is a more fair agreement, you just let me know and we will settle up, guaranteed. ^_^