Fresh Tropical Fusion – 3-Course Dining Experience

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Fresh Tropical Fusion – 3-Course Dining Experience


This is a pre-reservation only, private dinner experience at Hilospace.

Guests will be given a meal ensemble delivered by the trio of chefs Katy Craine, Megan Elizabeth, and Ryan Lewis. 

Dishes will be completely vegan and based around whole, local ingredients, with an emphasized balance on raw, fresh items and cooked elements. 

The atmosphere will also be a star of the night, complete with colored mood lighting, projected animated visuals, and music designed to complement and enhance the experience.

Dishes will be brought out in courses. Infused Hawaiian spring water will be served. 2 flavors of kombucha on-tap will be available for added purchase.

Meal includes*:

  1. Tropical Salad with Napa, Green Papaya, Carrot, Daikon, Heart of Palm, Scallion, Katuk, and Avocado.
    Dressing of Tahini, Lilikoi, Pineapple, Turmeric, Ginger, Chive, and Hawaiian Chili Pepper.
  2. Ulu Curry with Freshly-Made Coconut Milk, Medley of Local Vegetables, and Quinoa. Side of House-Pickled Veg.
  3. Cashew & Coconut Cheesecake Tart with Layer of Mango, and a Coconut, Macnut, and Dried Fruit Crust.

*Dishes subject to modification based on availability of ingredients.

When booking, please specify any food allergies, aversions or preferences. An all-raw option can be made available if requested. 

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Umami-themed pop-up dinner held at Hilospace in March 2017.