Idea Consulting...

It has become clear to me that this is one of my 'kuleanas', or roles, to my community around me (in it's dynamic scope of forms). 

People seek me out, or I am often drawn, to listen to others in what is going on for them. More specifically what seems to resonate – by the feedback of my enjoyment of the exchange and the energy of the interaction – is a receive & reflect exchange about what one is wanting to create and the best way to satisfy the potential of that idea.

And so through years of being in this position and affirmations by those whom I share this space, I have come to realize that I would like to be more formal and deliberate about offering this service.

So, starting now, with the fulfillment of my creative space in Hilo and the opening of this inspiration hub communally I offer this as part of my service – in addition to graphic design agent and an extension of my niche as a creative director – to take reservations for project consultation.

In conclusion, if you have any sort of creative endeavor that you would like an objective review on, I am happy to meet with you and offer this invaluable space of support to the manifestation of your wildest dreams. 

Reach out to me at (908) 872-3453 or to request an appointment with me.