Opening night and welcome to the space

Hello and welcome to The Space Website.

Friday night the 4th November 2016 was 'Black and White Night' in Hilo town and it was also the night that we first opened our doors to the public. We are touched to have seen such a beautiful cross section of the Hilo community come in to The Space. Mahalo to everyone who ventured in, we appreciated everything, from those that just popped in for a quick peek to those who stayed for hours in to the night, soaking up all the finer details and delights. The general energy of the night was high vibe and full of mystery, wonder and fascination for what was occurring.


So what is this Space? What happens in The Space?
These were the most common questions from opening night and it was a delight to give answers multiple times and glean more and more clarity and succinctness as the night went on. This space is an art project in itself. A dedication to beauty and function, food and art. The drive behind everything in here is authenticity and heart based, creative flow.

In honour of that authentic flow, we have designed a calendar for the month of November. The intention of this month is to feel out what works and what feels right and keep evolving the events and offering from there.