Umami Bomb 5-Course Reservation Dinner


Umami Bomb 5-Course Reservation Dinner


A 5-course flavor overload of a dinner, themed around the ever-allusive 5th flavor of the human palate! 

If you're not yet familiar with umami, there's only one best way to learn, and it's not by theory... Come let us SHOW you what umami is, and leave with the muscle memory (the tongue is a muscle, right?) that will allow you to know for yourself.

Rough menu includes:
- A flavor-packed Amuse-Bouche
- Summer Rolls with Polynesian Dipping Sauce
- Palm Heart & Coconut Meat Ceviche
- Deep Mushroom Miso Ramen
- Coconut Whip Cream with Local Fruit Compote & Macnut

Select kombuchas by Big Island Booch will be available on tap.

Atmospheric experience will involve musical entertainment, screen projected ambience, colored mood lighting, and aromatherapy (cooking and otherwise).

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